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A World Peace project - Media initiatives with UNESCO USA
Join hands to make a positive change in this world!

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We are working on some exciting media projects with people and organizations from all around the world. Together we can achieve more. Join us!

White Feather Foundation

For The Conservation Of Life...


Plant a Tree

Collaborating Around the World

Meet World-Class Authors, Artists, Musicians, Cosmonaut that we are working with


  • Vision of Peace

    I applaud the efforts of the Action Moves People United team. Here is hoping more people help expand the vision of peace to make it a reality we and our children can cherish in our lifetime.

    Steve Walsh

  • Creating the future

    Action Moves People United is all about creating the future we want through actions that bring us together, make us Human and unite us, thus creating the conditions for a viable future for Humanity.

    Guy Djoken

  • Together we CAN

    We have to be able to look in the eyes of happy children. Some are unable to smile and that cannot be allowed to continue. I'm greatly honored to collaborate with Action Moves People United, a World Peace project with UNESCO - USFUCA.

    Colin Andrews