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Guy Djoken, PresidentUNESCO USA – USFUCA; Executive Director, UNESCO Center for Peace

Heather A. Caton, Secretary General, UNESCO USA – USFUCA; President & CEOWorld Genesis Foundation


Kevin Mackie is a Grammy® winning Producer, as well as an award-winning Songwriter and Musician. His goal is to promote positive change through music. He has produced albums that benefit non-profit organizations such as “PACER” (anti-bullying organization), “New York Coalition For Healthy School Food”, “I Have A Dream Foundation”, “Move This World”, and “Doylestown Hospice Care” amongst others. Read More


Krista Wallhagen is an award-winning Producer, Songwriter, Poet, and Artist. Krista is deeply committed to the mission of achieving World Peace and raising awareness of the environmental and humanitarian crises. She has produced and contributed to albums that benefit non-profit organizations such as “Move This World”, “Hospice Organizations”, “I Have A Dream Foundation”, and “Doylestown Hospice Care”. Read More


Rupam Sarmah  is an award winning Director, Filmmaker, Singer-Songwriter, Entrepreneur and a Computer Engineer. Rupam is a Guinness World Record® holder  for his project A Musical Journey for World Peace. Rupam’s goal is to uplift consciousness in the world with creative work that delivers the message of Humanity, Peace and  Love. His latest work includes a research based project and a Film about Ability in Disability and Music Therapy. Read More


      Kevin Mackie

      Krista Wallhagen

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